How do I get started with iPhone/iPad game dev?

Is there a quick start guide for everything I would need to get started with iPhone/iPad? I mean, with instructions on provisioning and licensing and building and debugging all in one place?


Well let me introduce myself first.

I am Noah, I am 17, I hate school and I left it for one year to develop for the iPhone.

When I started I was really scared i dint knew what to do exactly,I didnt knew how to operate a Mac, so programing for me was super hard.

I started researching in books, developer programs, blogs and I was really confused.

The truth is that you wont find all info in one place.

For my experience I would really reccommend you picking some IOS tutorials from

Theyre a pretty good start, then when youve learned all the basic stuff, you can go ahead, pick up some books in Obj-c and keep trying (thats the key to succeed).

Then you can jump to game development on the iphone, learn some stuff about it and keep going to create something.

I hope my answer helps.

Good Luck Duke N.

You should go to the iOS Dev Center to get the basic info about provisioning and licensing.

Once you got provisioning set up with your device(es) there is no big difference from developing web- or standalone games with Unity. (I mean of course there is, but that is all referenced in the docs).

Read "iPhone 3D Game Programming All In One" by Jeremy Alessi it's a good start.