How do I get started?

Hello, I have absolutely zero experiences with programming. I tried learning Python on, it’s just way too complicated for me so I don’t know if programming is even right for me. What I’m interested in is artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning, and video game making. So I hope I get help from at least one person here. I honestly feel so stupid right now seeing people earning their talent and I’m just a waste of dust. Let’s not get sidetracked, lol.

This series is very popular and teaches you programming and game making from scratch. You could also try checking out the Unity tutorials. Start small and work you way up! Thats how we all start. Good luck.

For one, I have heard that c++ is good for artificial intelligence, which if your talking about the self learning ai, and not game ai. If you are talking about self learning that is something that will go over a lot of programmer’s heads because it requires complex math and creates millions of connections that go everywhere. But it is 110% possible to learn, but back to unity I started by making little games that I watched youtube tutorials on. It gave me some knowledge of programming but no one ever explains their code fully so I was copying code without fully knowing what it was going to do. I would first start with watching basic C# for unity tutorials on youtube, to actually understand how coding in C# for unity works. Write small games, by watching youtube tutorials like flappy bird for unity or something like that. After gaining knowledge I would recommend to try to code things yourself, will your code work? Probably not at first but if you google the problem your having I am sure you will find the answer. Coding based on your own knowledge will immensely strengthen your skill in programming, even if it takes hours to get something easy to work. Making games requires patience and devotion, as long as you don’t give up you will succeed. Hope this helps, you have a community full of smart ass people willing to help you out as well.

Just go to the Unity Learn section. There is an abundance of tutorials. Everything is there for you. Learn and have fun…

Programming itself is a long journey which never ends, you can learn every day something more :P, but it needs time. If you want to start with unity, and have no programming experience, first you should watch some youtube tutorials for the basics of c#. (c++ / c / java and more languages have the same basics). Don’t be unsure, it is sometimes confusing when you start, but it getting better and better. Otherwise you can watch tutorials for unity, but they don’t often explain basics of code. But at the end of the day it is “learning by doing”. This is important :stuck_out_tongue: