How Do I Get Support for U3DXT's iOS SDK Plugin?

Responding in the forums is getting a bit messy.

To get support, click Ask A Question (top right, on this page) and use the tag U3DXT and we’ll get an e-mail.

Important: Please tag the question with U3DXT, otherwise we won’t see it. Thanks!

Hopefully this will work better than shifting through hundreds of post in the forums. :slight_smile:

To be clear, U3DXT still does not work with Unity 5. How did I verify this?

  1. I am on Unity 5p1 using Xcode 6.1.1
  2. I created a new project, switched to iOS, built and ran successfully
  3. I downloaded the very latest U3DXT Pro from the asset store
  4. I changed none of the import settings for the package
  5. (I found it odd that Unity 5 still had to fix up some of U3DXT’s scripts!)
  6. I built the iOS project without error
  7. Building in Xcode results in 20 errors, with the famous header ‘Undefined symbols for architecture armv7’

We shipped a game that is live with U3DXT, but this “support” method is abysmal and it still doesn’t work.

Unless you see a reply from U3DXT that shows how to fix this “out of the box” issue, along with my verification that it worked, please take my advice and do not buy or use U3DXT. It is dead.

If you are reading this and don’t know what U3DXT’s iOS SDK Plugin is, please check this out:

Also, list of questions and answers available here.

Hi - any chance of a reply to this, please?

I guess I need access to Core Audio. Am putting off buying the plugin until I know I can do this.


Any help here would be much appreciated…

Can you check this plugin isssue Please

Will u3dxt work with unity 5 and ios 8?