How do I get the 'data' from the SQLite Database?

Hello, I’ve ‘installed’ SQLite into my Unity project. For now, when you die or finnish the stage you get to the database. You can enter your name and add it to the database. If I exit the game and restart it, the name is still ‘stored’… Sooooo, all good.

BUT, my question is: Where is this information stored? Is it in a textfile on the computer? Where? I’ve seriously looked all over the new for an answer for this.

The reason for all this fuzz is that this is for a scool project where you need to implement a Database into your game. So, I’m almost there. Now, we just need to be able to show the information stored in a textfile (notpad or any other program).

SQLite reads and stores to a file on your computer.

// This is the file path of the database file we want to use
// Right now, it'll load TestDB.sqdb in the project's root folder.
// If one doesn't exist, it will be automatically created.
public var DatabaseName : String = "TestDB.sqdb"

SQLite stores it’s data in a formatted file. When you issue the Open Command to SQLite Library you tell it where and what the database file is called. Look for the filename specified in the Open command. Note it may not be Open exactly as it depends on which API you are using. So it may be OpenDatabase or it may be Connect.