How do I get the type of a Monobehaviour?

In my script, I have a line:

 MonoBehaviour talktoplayerscript = subjecttotalkto.transform.FindChild("talktoplayer").GetComponent<MonoBehaviour>();

where I take get the c# script belonging to a certain GameObject. How do I find the type of the Monobehaviour, so I can start calling specific functions from it?

Is this impossible, since c# is compiled?


Why do you need to access MonoBehaviour?
I think what your trying to do is Accessing a Script on a Gameobjekt.
And than call Functions on it.
You can do that by :


Than you should attach the script to the Gameobjekt.
And this script can have a Behaviour MonoBehaviour.

It is nonsense. If you get MonoBehaviour, you only have access to MonoBehaviour stuff. You will have to cast the monobehaviour to the class you wish to call functions from and it. If you need different types of scripts using the same variable, consider using Interfaces.