How do I get the Unity 3D Platform Tutorial?

I just started using Unity and one of the first things I have tried is completing the Unity 3D Platform Tutorial. In the pdf file there's a link to download the files for the tutorial, ( but when I go to that link it says it's broken. I tried downloading the but I can't figure out how to open it onto unity. Any ideas?

The tutorial project files and PDF are both available here:

I just tried the download link and it works for me:

Once you've unzipped the file (if you're on mac/safari it should do it for you), an easy way to open the project is to go to Assets/Scenes/TheGame.unity and double-click that file.

When I open the project up and view the Scenes->TheGame Scene,I saw nothing at all in the scene. What's wrong?

Ive not been able to get it either- the download link takes me to the Assets store page-

I click Open in Unity as thats the only button available to me. It launches Unity and then I am in the assets store from within Unity, and I dont see any way to download it. I see it says Price: Free - but there is nothing in there for me to get it - its frustrated the tar out of me.

I see something telling me “Needs Unity upgrade to version 4.3.0” but I have version 4.5.3 installed which is more recent…

Not sure what I am doing wrong here…