How do I get values that are assigned to a game object to add to an int?

Hi, I am brand new to Unity and coding so sorry if the question is crap haha.
I am Currently trying to make a Black Jack game have the basic fundamentals, I have set up all 52 cards to have a value (at the moment ace is only counted as 10). I have the cards set up as game objects and and two players (1 person and the dealer) and now i need to get the values to add together so it can fit into my code to help determine if the player wins/loses or draws with the dealer.

I essentially want to have something that says PlayerCard1Spawn’s assigned value +PlayerCard2Spawn + PlayerCard3Spawn + PlayerCard4Spawn + PlayerCard3Spawn = Player1Total

My current code for to determine if the player wins/loses or draws is:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Calculator : MonoBehaviour
// the following scripts adds the values together -
// for each hand and stores them
//this will calculate and store the total for both hand values.
public int PlayerOneTotal;
public int PlayerTwoTotal;

public GameObject PlayerCard1Spawn;
public GameObject PlayerCard2Spawn;
public GameObject PlayerCard3Spawn;
public GameObject PlayerCard4Spawn;
public GameObject PlayerCard5Spawn;
public GameObject DealerCard1Spawn;
public GameObject DealerCard2Spawn;
public GameObject DealerCard3Spawn;
public GameObject DealerCard4Spawn;
public GameObject DealerCard5Spawn;

// Use this for initialisation
void Start () 


// Update is called once per frame
//the script below is used to determine a winner.
void Update ()


		//if player one's total is greater than player two's AND less than 22, then player 1 is deemed the winner
		// show the player1wins scene

	//same as the above script but for player 2. 
	else if(PlayerTwoTotal>PlayerOneTotal&&PlayerTwoTotal<22)
		//if both player one and player 2 have the same score, then show the "draw" scene.


Once again any help would be amazing, Thanks for your time.
P.S. Sorry for all the comments its just the way I am being taught to code.

use GameObject.getComponent() to get the script that has the value of the cards. and inside those scripts you can acces the variable. link: getComponent