How do I get Vuforia AR Camera to play my 3D character animations?

Hello. I am trying to create an AR scene where an animated 3d model appears to crawl up out of the Image Target and moves around on the table. I’m following a couple different tutorials, however, none explain why my animations don’t work when I test the scene. The 3d model is a child of the image target, as instructed, and I put my animation clips (one so far, just to test it) in the animator controller. When I hit PLAY and the camera recognizes the image, the dude pops up but he doesn’t move at all. His color is a bit too dark as well, and I can’t figure that out, either. Has anyone experienced this and been able to solve it? I’m using Unity 2017.3.0f3 and Vuforia 7. I could really use some advice. Thanks.

There is an option called “Update when offscreen” in SkinnedMesh. Try enable it, maybe it’s because your model is out of screen in the beginning, so the animation doesn’t update.

Thank you, @newyellow . I’ll try that tip as soon as I get home. Thanks.