how do i get weapons onto my game?

ok well im new to this and need help, BAD. so i need to know how to put guns into my game for my FPS game. and where do i download them from or get them from? i bet you guys think im an idiot but i need help is one of the best free modeling programs. You should first model, then drag and drop the model in to Unity.

From here, you'll have to script the gun to shoot, show the flash, bullet holes, etc.

For more info on all this, can help... For Unity sepecific queries, will help.

As to learning scripting, I again suggest and search [QUERY HERE] unity3D to anything in the tag, and it comes up with many things...

Good luck!

Also, second post I believe of asking how to rip off other peoples things without any work on your own behalf... People here aren't going to help you if you don't help yourself and work harder, and not just take other peoples things... Just a heads up, so don't start spamming questions on how to code _ and code that, and telling people to write you a script, because people don't like that... Again, a heads up =).

Good luck again!

TRY GOOGLE FOR GOD SAKE!!! stop asking questions that are so easy to find the answers to granted that you have half a brain and use of the internet. Yes we do think you're an idiot but no-one here is a psychological therapist or teacher for the mentally handicapped you're going to have to find help for your lack of mental capacity somewhere else. If someone wants to take pity on you then shame on them. It's people like you who are going to make the film Idiocracy a reality one day.