how do i go about making a ragdoll in unity?

im trying to make various examples of ragdoll physics for my dissertation, i have tried looking at some of the ragdoll examples in the first person shooter tutorial of the unity website but i cant seem to get it to work on its own. I need the ragdoll seperate from the tutorial so i can experiment and subject them to various forces. I have tried to import the Robot and Robot-Ragdoll asssets from the completed tutorial but that does not seem to work.

Any ideas, input, or feedback would be most helpful


Have a look at the documentation:

Unity - Ragdoll Wizard

If you have any issues or problems when trying to follow the instructions in the manual, please edit your original question with your new inquires.

I have a character that is at T-stand at frame 0, but I can't get the Unity Editor to see that frame 0!. Instead, Unity seems to let her happily walk between frames 1-24 (her only other frames.) I've tried:

Note: "idle" is assigned as frame 0 in the Animation inspector, but it doesn't show up by default, and I can't seem to "find" it.


<p>//idle is set to frame 0
var Anim : String = "idle";</p>

<p>function Start () {
    var state : AnimationState = animation[Anim];
    state.speed = 0;
//  state.wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop;
    animation["idle"].time = 0;