How do I have my first person travel along with a moving object?

I am creating a game that has obstacles in it and it is in first person. I created a sliding platform that transverses a canyon. I want the player to step on the platform and “go for a ride” however, the platform holds up the player but the platform moves out from under the player and the player falls into the abyss. How do I have the player step on the platform and travel with the platform without the player having to move. This is kind of like a moving sidewalk. I have done this before with no problems but since I’m creating an iPhone game, I can’t seem to figure out why it doesn’t work in the mobile assets.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.


I think the easiest solution is to make the player a child of the platform for the duration he is on it. :slight_smile: Then any translation applied to the platform will take the player with it as well.

When you set transform.parent, the object being childed will have its position relative to the parent changed so that it retains its worldspace position. So you might have to reset some proper worldspace coordinates for the player when he leaves the platform again, to prevent him from abruptly jumping to the worldspace equivalent of his position relative to the platform when he was on it.