How do I implement a third party API into Unity?

Hi All,

I’ve googled around for specific API related stuff but can’t find anything solid. Maybe my google skills need improving! I have been asked to incorporate some third party APIs into my Unity Basic iOS Application (Fuse API, Fuse Push Notification etc)

Quite simply I have no experience doing this, and now is always a good time to learn.

So my question: Is there a good tutorial on how to start with this, for someone who has not tackled the subject before- if so, where?

Any other information as to how to proceed here is welcome also!


There is pretty extensive documentation available for this here:

Lucky for you, it looks like plugins are allowed in the basic version of Unity on mobile platforms.

The real trick is automating the whole process so that you don’t have to muck around in XCode to set up the libraries. The guys at Prime31 do a good job of making it all as painless as possible; if you have the funds (they are relatively cheap), it might be more cost-effective to just grab one of their plugins if you can.