How do i implement OCR text recognition in unity?

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I am working in Text recognition. I need to recognize hand written texts or printed texts. I have tried vuforia for this and it worked but i don’t want to spend that much money on it. I have tried the following,

  1. Tesseract
  2. Google cloud vision API.

Tesseract - I can’t able to complete it. I have searched in google and am doing.

Google cloud vision - I am getting 403 forbidden error. I have to check this.

Does anyone help me on this? i have struggling in this for past 2 weeks.
i desperately in need of your help.


@MuraliVenkat I was able to get Tesseract to compile but as I remember there were also many dependent libraries like Leptonica and Libtiff that also had to be successfully compiled and linked as well. I found a version of these libraries somewhere on the net and added those to my project. My app successfully recognized text at about 300 dpi. You could create a Unity plugin that then calls this OCR function. There is a sample plugin project in the Unity Documentation.

I want to implement OCR in multiple languages on Android but vuforia only supports English.

I’ve been looking to alternatives but I’m not sure if Google Cloud Vision is feasible because I wanted it to be in real time.

The other alternative is Tesseract but I did not find a plugin or wrapper for unity so I’m not sure if I will be able to make it work.

How are your trying to do it?


@digland2000 Can please post the link of the sample Plugin Project (which i couldn’t find any where even documentations)…Thank you…