How do I import assets from the Asset Store while offline?

I have bought and downloaded a few asset packages and understand how to download and import from the Asset Store tab of Unity (2017.3). But I need to do this offline too. I know where the files are physically stored in my computer but it is a complex and seemingly unnecessary task to manually try to import it all.

Is there a tool to reimport packages stored locally in the proper way? Whenever I try, I miss things or mess up the folder heirarchy.

Update, this problem STILL exists in 2018.3 . Like @Tartle-Games, the asset store just has a message saying I can import already downloaded assets while offline, but not letting me actually use it to do so. The inspector built-in asset store should have a purpose-built offline mode where you can simply import all MyAssets that are already installed.

You cannot import directly from asset store while offline. Any previously downloaded assets are stored in a folder hidden in your user app data.

Here is the path for Windows as of Jun2020:

C/Users/(your username)/AppData/Roaming/Unity/AssetStore5.x

Navigate into whatever folder contains the asset you are looking for and install the unity package directly from there.

Peace my neegs.

Eon Cire