How do I import blender animations properly or what is the correct workflow?

I’ve been using .FBX since .blend files junk up the material and texture orders for some reason. I only export what can be, like meshes, animations, other (not that I have other), export everything in the animation tab of export options as well.

I’ve tried just several other older questions and many tutorials and nothing seems to work for me reliably. I’m confused as some people say not to make NLA strips (pushdown or stash) while some say you should make them. The only thing everyone seems to agree with is having each animation have a fake user and Key frames for each bone. Infact I’ve tried Sampling Keyframes since they seem to import into unity that way anyway.

The animations seem to make it in by name and appear to be in the model object just fine. But often they won’t do anything when previewed though. Sometimes I can get one animation to work but the other doesn’t. Sometimes the animations get named the same as another and have the length values of the animation named but the animation data is from other animations.

I have gotten animations to work before but I always end up running into an issue where I have to change something in the model and it seems to break everything I had working. I’d like to know what exactly the process is supposed to be. Seems like nothing is really working or maybe I’m just breaking something without knowing it. I’d hope it’s not me doing something dumb in blender because I’ve used it ever since you could buy a spiral bound manual for it…

Simply export as FBX, any other format wont export the animations in a way Unity can understand immediately.