How do I import TGA, DDS, GIF, PCX and BMP files at runtime?

Is there a solution to load at runtime, from any location on disk the following file formats:
It also should work both - in Editor and Runtime.

I am aware of WWW class, which lets me load JPG and PNG formats, which is fine (I will need to load PNG files too), but not enough.

I’m also aware of Resource.Load() function, but these files need to be loaded from outside of Unity project folder.

I have also come across this asset on AS, but it’s been retired from the Asset Store. And the author had not replied to me.

If such a solution does not exist - how do I go about writing my own image loaders?


There is an answer here for BMP: How to load a BMP file in binary? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions (without trailing dot).

Basically you have to roll your own, or get code from someone else who did. From the bits up.