How do I improve the resolution on textures in Unity?

I am trying to create an animation sprite for a game title. I got the code working in Javascript for the sprites to loop. However, the image keeps blurring. In addition, if I resize the image using the scale tool in Unity, it still is blurry. My questions is how I prevent an texture on an object from looking blurry. The sprite sheet texture material consists of 19 frames.

  • Increase the texture size.
  • Turn off mipmaps. Or turn on mipmaps.
  • Change the filtering and the aniso level.
  • Change the mode from compressed to true color.

It would be much easier to figure out what the problem was if you posted a screenshot.

Thank you for the advice. I have also attached two screenshots for you to help me figure out why the images are blurry when I load into Unity.