How do I instantiate a game object from a string variable?

So I have no problem instantiating Objects normally until I came across this today:

I want to instantiate a game object from its saved model sanem:String, but I get the error cant convert STring to Object.

var h:GameObject=Instantiate(gameplaySceneManagerScript.clueNodeArray[x];

How would I go about instantiating from a string like this?

p.S>.there IS a prefab with that name ready to be instanced.

No. Instantiate is not for instantiating strings. It is for putting objects into the Hierarchy. You can't see a string in the Hierarchy. A string is not a Game Object. Instantiate the prefab itself, which is a Unity Object.

If you need to load things based on name, then use the Resources folder and corresponding methods.

if that object exist on your scene, you can try


hope it works good luck