How do I keep a character from rotating?

I want to disallow my character from tipping over, but still be able to rotate left and right. How would I go about doing this?

I’m creating a 2D game and utilised:

  • RigidBody → Constraints → Freeze Position Z
  • RigidBody → Constraints → Freeze Rotation X Y Z

The freeze rotation prevents the sprite plane slipping into the z axis. I’m not sure if this is helpful in your case.

silly question but has your ground got a collider on it, best way without seeing your settings would to create an empty just with the character controller, this will at least rule out a few things, also have you got a rigidbody im pretty sure they dont use a rigidbody as like shadow says it doesnt use regualer physics so putting a rigidbody on it kinda defeats the purpose

check out

Thanks very much Brendan! I can’t believe I missed that little cropdown menu D: