How do I keep child gameobject of UI text

I need to obtain the children of the ui text so I can switch scenes . The script I have made out is not working . When I press play the scenes the switch . What I trying to do is carry over the text.

I just need this score script corrected :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class ScoreManagerScript : MonoBehaviour

     public static int score;

	 private Text text;
	 void Awake()
		 text = GetComponent <Text> ();
		 score = 0;


	 void Update()
		text.text = "Score: " + score;
		 Debug.Log("Score: " + score);

Remove the DontDestroyOnLoad().

What you are really interested in is keeping score from one scene to another. You should use PlayerPrefs to save and load the score value in your game.

You can do this every time you modify the score variable

PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Score", score);

Now when loading the scene lets say in Start() do this

void Start ()
    score = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Score", 0);

To learn more about PlayerPrefs see the docs here.