How do I keep two UI text unity3d on the scene

I’m having a problem with my UI text. I have a countdown timer text and Score text . The problem I am having is the zero is not showing up along with the score text . When I click on play the score text shows like this on the scene : Score : . The Score text should be showing this way Score : 0 and their is no errors showing up in the unity console . Here is my script :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class GameManagerSingleton : MonoBehaviour
public static GameManagerSingleton instance = null;

 public static int score;

 private Text text;
 void Awake()
	 text = GetComponent <Text> ();
	 score = 0;
     if (instance != null && instance != this)
         Destroy(gameObject);    // Ensures that there aren't multiple Singletons

     instance = this;

 void Update()
	 text.text = "Score : " + score;

I would think that your text isn’t updated at all and that your text in the inspector is "Score : ". Could you add a Debug.Log("Score: " + score); in your Update routine to see in the console if the code is actually called.

I’ve add the Debug.Log("Score: " + score) in the update function and the number still didn’t show up in the scene.