how do i learn javascript from ZERO???

hi boys and mans

i want to start developing 2D or 3D games for Android OS…i dont now anything about java scripting and C#…etc

what is best book for starting & learning JavaScript from scratch(zero)for Unity 3D

thank u

There’s a Search field in the top of the screen. Just write “book” inside it, and you’ll see a tons of question like this.

you can see tutorials on youtube , personality , i was started with tornado twins , just search for them and you will find there tutorials , secondly , you can search on unity Script Reference here

i hope this answer was useful for you

Here are the tutorials

Check out this site.

I learned from these guys. From what I’ve seen I think their the best.

Starting with this video, and onto the next ones. It is the best lessons I found for myself.

If you preferer to read books, a simple book like: could also be of help. Dont mind the title. It just to tell that this is for absolute beginners.