How do I load a scriptable object in an asset bundle?

Currently, my code loads the scriptable object with the correct filename however the scriptable objects fields are always the empty default value.
How do I load a scriptableobject in a bundle and have it reflect the filled in fields of said scriptable object?

AssetBundleCreateRequest myABRequest = await AssetBundle.LoadFromFileAsync(Path.Combine(Application.streamingAssetsPath, "SO_filename"));
filename = "Assets/PathToAsset/mySO.asset";
AssetBundleRequest newRequest = await myABRequest.assetBundle.LoadAssetAsync<TypeThatInheritsFromSO>(filename);
TypeThatInheritsFromSO SOFileContents = newRequest.asset as TypeThatInheritsFromSO;

I solved the issue by removing all of the await async trash:

TypeThatInheritsFromSO SOFileContents = (TypeThatInheritsFromSO )AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath(filename, typeof(TypeThatInheritsFromSO ));

Make sure this is at the top of your file:

using UnityEditor;