How do i make 3d hell bullet pattern script

Did anyone know how to make 3d hell bullet pattern like nier automata and returnal ? i cannot find any tutorial about that

This isn’t a simple question, so I will give a high level approach.

One approach is to create a bullet instantiater. This object will be given an array/list of objects containing:
-coordinate locations relative to what is spawning it in the game,
-time to release.

You can also contain things like the bullet speed/damage here as well or make that data part of the instantiated bullet.

That is, if you wanted three shots from three locations on a shooter, then it would contain 3 shots in the list, each with a relative location from the shooter (1 to the left, 1 in center, 1 to the right, for instance) and their respective directions (transform.forward shoot, rotate to the left shoot, rotate to the right shoot).

You will likely want to use Object Pooling to cache and rotate through these bullets as they are consumed for more efficient memory management.