How do I make a 2d game in Unity3d?

Hi, does anyone know how to make a 2d game with Unity? is there a tutorial somewhere?

Thank you.

Doing 2D is simply a matter of not using the 3rd dimension. Typically you use sprite images on a quad, though there are other techniques, such as continuing to use 3D models as usual but treating them as 2D objects. Using an orthographic camera is sometimes appropriate, but not always; you can easily make parallax effects if you use a normal camera, for example. There's a tutorial for making a 2D shooter game here.

Have a look at:

for a Javascript-based Videotutorial for a 2D shooter game and

to see how to implement the same game with C#. I haven't tried the Javascript tutorial but the C# one is very good.

you should use planes and apply textures to them to make sprites. you can use plan collider for checking collisions. you can use other shapes or colliders if you need but you should limit the movement to 2 of axis like x,y and limit the rotation to 1 axis like z. limitation for physics can be done using configurable joints. there are good examples like max and the magic marker and paper moon. you can contact their developers to ask more questions.

Tasbar Thank you very much i will never forget your help has a nice support package for unity which comes with some nice example projects (it's a lot like flixel or cocos2d in how it works with animations and such)

I would suggest you try my very simple (free) and again, very barebones, 2d framework, there is a readme which can help you get started. Hope it helps with prototyping. I will be improving it constantly, so always check for updates…!-Free