How do i make a 3rd person shooter?

i need help i have no idea how to make scripts or even to start scripting???

Since your questions is so broad, and you say your understanding of programming is - erm - non existent, you'll need to simply put time into learning to develop and program in unity from the ground up. This will involve reading and watching many tutorials.

Start by going through some of the Unity Tutorials. They'll help you become familliar with Unity and understand how to start scripting.

Unity Tutorials from the Manual

There are also a number of tutorials in the Resources section on the Unity site, including one which is specifically about making a 3rd Person Platformer.

Once you're underway, and you hit more specific problems implementing certain aspects of your game, first Search this site, or do a general Unity search for solutions to your problem, and then if you can't find anything, ask a new question describing the specifics of the problem you're having.

Also you might want to check out the answers to this question: How Can I Start Learning Unity Fast?

Good luck!

I found this earlier in the year. A 3rd person shooter example project. Example Project

Hope this helps

A really easy way to start creating a 3rd person shooter is by simply using the First Person Controller prefab from the standard asset. Move the camera in that prefab to the back of the "Graphics" game object and there you go. You can replace "Graphics" with your character as you like and you can tweak the "FPSWalker" script to your liking. Although this is still far from being a 3rd person shooter, this should give you some directions =].

Also try looking into the first person shooter tutorial from the Unity site by the way, you can learn a lot from it.

First write out the concept of your game. You can't make a game without knowing your characters or levels. Then find a great game program you can download so that you can make your game. I suggest Game Maker, it's a cool program that can get you started. Or just find a young "geek" that can help you out. That way the geek gets experience and you get a demo of your game. Everybody gets the punch that way. Then post it on a website so people can try it. If you do that, game companys should notice it. Thank You for Your Time,

                                                                  Lajaveyon Saunders