How do I make a button trigger when in a boxcollider

i need help by when i click a button lets say “e” and a text appears, but it appears where ever i am. i want it to make it when i’m in the boxcollider. also i want the screen to pause when i do this action. thanks for helping.

You can check whether or not you are in the boxcollider. There are various ways to do this. If the collider is a trigger you can use onentertrigger to check for when you are entering it. There is also a bounds call on colliders if I remember correctly that can be used to check if you are within the bounds of a collider. So, with those tools you can set up an if structure to decide whether to act or not.

Pausing the game is most conveniently done using time.timescale. Depending on how you execute object movements you can achieve slow motion or pauses by setting time.timescale to low values or zero.

Good luck!