How do I make a camera follow an object without changing its rotation in C#?

So i have a project i’m working on and the ball system is similar to that of the basic tutorial game of RollABall, I need the camera to follow the ball at a height of 35 and an angle of -45º, The problem being every method i’ve tried then rotates just as the ball does, I need a third person view that doesn’t do this. I have tried many various ideas but none seem to work, please help.

Considering that you know how to get your camera Transform in your player ball object, basic part of solution will look like this inside the ball object’s script:

private Transform cameraTransform;
void Update()
    cameraTransform.position = yourPositionWithSomeOffset; //something like (playerbody.position.x - 10, playerbody.position.y -10, playerbody.position.z); I have no idea what "-" and in what axis you should have it, it is just -initial difference

Also in this case your camera shouldn’t be a child of ball object.

And from that you can go fancy ways of doing that on FixedUpdate or storing values and updating position few frames later (which will result in follow-up camera style), etc. etc.

P.S. You can do the reverse thing as well - get ball transform inside camera’s.

P.P.S. Also if you’ll go for fancy ways then you might also be interested in LookAt.(Just FYI)