How do i make a character selection menu (2d game) ?

I recently made a 2d game. With an idea to make the game more interesting i thought of character selection.
I had the player(object) as the name gamePlayer1 and the image i want to replace the sprite image of gamePlayer1 is “charlie”.
The major problem i was facing is that both the things are in different scenes.
The character selection menu(Scene 1) and the Game(Scene 2)
I will be doing it using a button (using the onClick() function)

Please help me
This is my first video game and i am very exited for it to be completed

Thank You

What you need is called data persistance. In your CharacterSelector you set maybe the id of your character to use and load, but need to make this persistant to take it into the new scene. The Unity Tutorials have a video about data persistance and i did one too.

Hope it helps. Cheers

this is really easy on your character selection make it so if this female player is clicked then when my game scene loads, setactive(false) to all your other sprites but make one sprite setactive(true)