How do i Make a Co-Op game.

Hi there i have been building a game for me and my little 8 year old brother however it is at this time a single player game with 1 character, in the end i want to be able to have someone join a game thats running, and give the joinee on first join, the chance to create character by picking Class, Race, Gender etc or picking from a pre-made character i want it to be saved on both ends so no one looses progress, how would i go around doing this? are there any tutorials out there? any help would be much aprechiated.

You should learn a bit about Unity Networking. It’s actually quite simple. Google for it and you will find some Tutorials. Here are some points you need to understand:

  • Creating a Server/Connecting to a Server
  • RPC calls
  • State Serialization

There are some Tutorials on YouTube or if you prefer text the Unity docs would be a good place to start.
Hope I helped