How Do I make a cutscene or add a video in my game?

I want to make a cut scene in my game. Like a video or something which gets played in the game, when I come to a particular point in my game. Is there any way to do this. I want to make many cut scenes. I want to make like this that if my 3d character controller reaches a point. Then an animation clip or a video flashes. And then after it ends I automatically control my character. I want to make a Prince of Persia - Warrior Within like cut scene … in which a movie clip or animation clip starts and after it ends… we play as the prince…

Can anybody please help me on how to make such cut scenes using unity or any other software and importing it into unity?

If you are asking how people would go about making cut scenes then there are many different ways, here is a few:

  1. In game animations and animated camera

  2. External animation(much better quality) then recorded and played in game.

  3. Animated Camera and move it around the world (Assassins creed cut scene when discovering an area)

As far as it goes for playing a video in a Scene have a look at this

Well I use unity recorder for cinematics. Like make a sequence with Cinemachine and then record that scene with unity recorder. Then you can play that recorded clip with Trigger function by using Unity Video Player. It’s pretty simple.