How do I make a gun & export it into Unity?

Hey there!

I’m sorry for the obvious rookie question, but I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE and am in desperate need of a tutorial of some sort.

For a First Person Shooter, obviously you need to know how to make a gun & implement it into Unity.

I have spent hours searching and even though having found some solutions, none of them cover the entire topic. For example whilst following a tutorial on how to model a gun, after having made it, problems occurred in Unity with the textures and stuff like that.
I was hoping one of you wise Unity-ers with your infinite knowledge of game development could help me out or perhaps slap me across the face and show me a tutorial I have spent oh-so-long searching for.

Thanks in advance,


This is what I have literally done in one minute:
Went to
Typed in “how to model a gun and export to Unity”
Pressed first video
- YouTube BAM

I really doubt that you spent hours looking for something like this. A simple google search gave me PLENTY of resources that I could have spent those “hours” looking through.