How do I make a level editor in the editor

In my project once it starts up. I am creating a grid. each node has specific data. What I need to do is to create the grid in edit mode so I can change some of the nodes data.

I am aware I can addComponentMenu but not sure how to make it all work.

When we create this grid in edit mode I also need to save the changes so when I do run the game the node data is the same as the node data in the edit mode.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

You can write your own Editor script to automate some of the things you may need to do repetitively while editing your game.

See the Editor Scripting Reference for a list of objects you can use in your editor scripts. You can also see this handy-dandy guide on How to extend the Unity Editor.

More editor example scripts can be found here at the Unify Community Wiki.