How do I make a little flame for a lighter?

I can’t find out how to make a little fire particle for my lighter I’m trying to make. Please help.

Instead of particles, can’t you use a simple Point Light with a flare attached to it?

Hi, if you want to use particles this is the way:

Simple Object(Empty)selected → add (Component:Particles:Ellipsoid Particle Emitter) → add (Component:Particles:Particle Animator) → add (Component:Particles:Particle Rederer).

Just adjust the parameters in the Ellipsoid Emitter to set the correct size and emitting to make the desire effect you wants, the particle animator is to set the color during the emitting and the renderer it’s to put some material to the particles.

Hopes this helps.

You could also make a ‘video’ of a flame (use tiles, see Sprites) and billboard the plane you put it on with