How do I make a menu and incorporate it into my game

I'm new to coding and I want to make a semi-nice menu for an iPhone racing game. Are there any programs to make menus that are compatible with Unity? If not is there a general template that i can fill in? I do know some code so i'm not completely in the dark.

Use Unity GUI, you can customize it too, im a beginner but it's really good. Here is some sample code, it's very simple. You don't have to give me credit.

  1. Create A New Javascript
  2. Put Sample Code (Code Is At Bottom) Into Your Javascript File
  3. Put Your Javascript File Onto Your Camera
  4. Have At Least 2 Scenes In Your Build Settings
  5. Have The Scene You Want To Load As Scene 1 Like This Screenshot
  6. Press Play
  7. If You Change "Application.LoadLevel (1);" to "Application.LoadLevel (2);" It Will Load Scene/Level 2

alt text

function OnGUI () {
// Backround Box (Select Level)
GUI.Box (Rect (10,10,100,50), "Select Level");

// Loads Scene 1 (in your build settings)
if (GUI.Button (Rect (20,30,80,20), "Level 1")) {
    Application.LoadLevel (1);