How do I make a non-linear animation?

I'm making a 2d minigame that consists of arriving on a dot, watching a video and then answering a short quiz, if completed you advance to another dot.
The movement of the character is automatic, and not linear so for example it goes straight then obliquely, however I attach the map to give you an idea of the movement, and I was advised to use DOTWeen or LeanTween, but I don't know how to use them, do you have any advice?


I'm not familiar with DoTween, but Splines is also a good choice, which is an official package from Unity.
By Splines, you can create bezier paths, then let your gameobject move along the path. Here's the tutorial from Spline: Animate a GameObject along a spline
(You can install it through package manager)

Ok thanks, now I'll try with that