How do i make a object fall diagonally?,How to make a object fall diagonally towards the ground?

Hi guys, I ma making a 2d game where the asteroids fall towards the player. But how do I make the asteroids fall diagonally and towards the player instead of falling straight?
Thanks in advance.,Hi guys, I am making a game where asteroids come towards the player. But The asteroids are falling straight towards the ground. How do I make them fall diagonally towards the player like an asteroid does.
P.S. This is a 2d game

First you need SpawnScript attached to some object. Dont know exactly how your game looks but you want to spawn your meteor above your top of the screen and left - right corners. Im giving below an example of spawning it to the left top corner of player but if you scales are higher or lower you will need to adapt it.

void Start(){
       StartCoroutine(SpawnMeteor());  //avoid update, spawn every 5seconds meteor
    private IEnumerator(SpawnMeteor){ 
         yield return new WaitForSeconds(5f);
         Instantiate(meteorPrefab, new Vector2(player.position.x - 10, player.position.y + 10;     // you can use here Object Pooling to be more efficient im just giving an example

Now we need to setup Meteor’s script so it behaves properly.

private ScriptAttachedToPlayer player;
private Vector2 lastPlayerPosition;

void Start(){
   player = FindObjectOfType<ScriptAttachedToPlayer>(); //get player object when meteor spawns
   lastPlayerPosition = player.position; // look for last player position when meteor spawns

void FixedUpdate(){
   Vector2 direction = lastPlayerPosition - transform.position;
   transform.Translate(direction * Time.deltatime);   //travel to last position

So meteor will spawn will get player last position and go there. Numbers you have to adapt to your game because I have no knowledge about details of your game. You can also make lastPlayerPosition be like Vector2(lastPlayerPosition.x + 2, lastPlayerPosition.y) so it will aim forward where player might be soon to make it more harder to avoid etc.

Hi there @mlnczk ,
Thanks a lot for your reply, it helped me a lot.
A small doubt. Should the player in the Spawn Meteor Coroutine of the SpawnScript be a transform?
and also, should the meteorPrefab be an array?