How do I make a public array of arrays appear in the inspector?

If you make an array of textures like this:

public Texture2D[] lightattacklist;

A folder appears in the inspector, which you can drag textures into to assign them after setting the sizes :slight_smile:

However, I need to make an array of arrays of textures, like this:

public Texture2D[][] allanimationslist;

This creates nothing in the inspector. How do I make the inspector give me a folder of folders full of textures? If impossible, how else could I assign textures within the script?

Thanks :smiley:

As simple workaround is to define a wrapper class for an array of lists, like this:

public class TextureList
    public Texture2D[] textures;


public TextureList[] textureLists;

Not quite as convenient, but it works.

[System.Serializable] not [Serializable]