how do i make a repeating timer that has an output at the end,How to make a repeating timer that has an output once it ends?

im making a massive jump and then ground pound after a timer that sends the rigid body ups for the entirety of it. basically, just a repeatable timer that starts on a keypress and then changes a bool/variable at the end of it.,im trying to make a massive jump/ ground pound for my game, and i need the ground pound after the rigid body has gone up for the entirety of the timer. basically, i just need a timer that i can activate with a keypress and has either a bool or a variable change output at the end.

The most reliable way to do this would probably be through a coroutine. Upon keypress, call a coroutine that will time the amount of time since the keypress:
IEnumerator Timer() { yield return new WaitForSeconds(wait time) //Change bool/value here }

Just be careful as its you’re able to call multiple instances of a coroutine at once. Hope this helps