How do i make a ring shape in unity?

i have a project in unity where i am trying to make an archery target but i don’t know how to make ring shaped objects. it has to be a ring with an open space in the middel so i can put the smaller rings in the bigger rings and every ring of the target has to be another object.

can someone help me out?

Jorg Van Immerseel

I’m guessing you want to create the multiple rings so they can each have a collider that triggers when the arrow hits it? So you’ll know which ring was hit by the arrow? An alternative approach is to just use a flattened disc or closed cylinder with a texture of the rings. Then, when the arrow hits the single target collider, calculate the distance from the center of the target to the arrow’s position (but you have to move the arrow’s position so that it is in parallel with the target for this to work, not hard to do). Then you’ll know the distance from the target center which can be used to determine the score. It will reduce the number of colliders, number of meshes, and simplify everything really.

However, if you have some other need for the rings, the Asset Store has some pre-made game objects, search for basic shapes. Also, if you can afford it, there is an asset called Mega Fiers that can bend normal meshes and twist them, etc, which could be used to make the mesh from an existing simple mesh.

You can’t do this without modeling the shape separately in a modeling program like Blender.

There are some assets in the Asset Store that include extra primitives to use within Unity and there probably are ones that include rings.

Here’s one I have bought before called PrimitivesPro which includes a ring. It is currently $15. There are probably others that you can find for cheaper if $15 is too steep for this simple task. However the best option would be to model it yourself in a modeling program.