How do I make a round minimap?

Hey, I know that you cant actually make a round minimap and it’s square by camera default… but the texture that surrounds the minimap somehow makes it circular. How do I do this?

By rendering the terrain into a rendertexture and rendering it with an alpha cutoff shader with a big white circle on a black background.

This approach is documented very well in the following tutorial on YouTube (2 parts):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Information on how to make it round is in Part 2.

Hi there, yes Christian is right. If you want to save some time have a look at KGFMapSystem. We invested lots of time on solving all minimap problems out there.

The KGFMapSystem is also taking a photo of your scene and renders it instead of the scene geometry. So you will not loose 50% performance by having an extra minimap camera.