How do I make a script change a float value in a different script?

I have a game where randomly generated points pop up and you have to collect them. The points pop up when a variable called Points is equal to 0. I have an hp script for the points and i want the hp script to be able to bring the value of Points from 1 to zero. Sorry my question is confusing I do not really know how to word it. In recap I want a script to change the float value of an item in another script how can i do this. Thank you in advance.

Your question was not confusing but yeah your description was :slight_smile: Moving On …

//This code will only valid if both of scripts are attached to same GameObject. i.e Your Player

//Suppose you have a script called PlayerPoints and in that you have a integer called totalPoints.

//Now in your new Script Say PlayerController

public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour {
//Now first you need to declare a variable of your other Script 
public PlayerPoints _playerPoint ;

//Now you need to get the PlayerPoints script , since it is a component

void Start()
_playerPoint = GetComponent<PlayerPoints>() ;

//now simply you can get any var from that script which are public..
public float clonedPoints ;
void Update()
clonedPoints = _playerPoint.totalPoints ;