How do I make a second UI text appear after a key press?

So what I want is for a person to read some text from a UI text then they are prompted to press a key and then the text they read disappears and more new text appears. I want the scene to stay the same just the text changes.

you can do with timer…
just give the time gap between those…
if the text has to be start display at the beginning then use “ time”.

Thanks for the suggestion but people tend to read at different speeds so I was thinking of something like, making a text element then telling the reader at the end of the text to push return and in the code doing:

‘some code that would point to a new text element’
I know that i can create a enum that would be different scenes so that when the user hits return the scene changes depending on what scene i wired into the code. But I don’t want to change the scene I want to change the text.