How do I make a strategy camera go up and down?

Hey everyone, Minefriek here.

How do I go about making a camera go up and down to simulate zooming? Ive seen multiple ways of getting a camera to zoom and my current setup only shortens or lengthens the field of view, which I do not want because then it renders the camera seemingly faster and slower depending on the zoom and the quality of the character models I have isnt preserved.

I have looked around answers and nothing I have found seems to help me as its all asking how to move something up and down entirely unrellated to what I need it to do.

I’d preferably like to have samples in both scripts but one is ok.

Cameras are just components attached to gameobject, so you make them go up and down the same way as you’d make anything else move:

camera.transform.position += Vector3.up * amountToMove;