How do I make a texture?

So, I was checking out youtube videos and answers on this site but I can’t for the life of me find out how to make a texture. I see people recommending png and a maximum of 1024x1024 and stuff, but all that, to me, is almost useless because I have no idea how to make a texture. My goal is to simply add a texture to a cube in my game with every side being different. Doesn’t seem like it should be too hard at all assuming that I am somewhat good with a image editor, like gimp. I guess I ask this because I used to make texture packs for minecraft, and it would have a texture for each side of the cubed item, but I dont understand where to start a texture or how to even lay out a texture for anything… at all.

My objective is really simple. To make a cube with a different texture for each side, not some crazy madness with curves or anything. Please help.

  • A GameObject that is visible has the components MeshFilter and MeshRenderer.
  • A MeshRenderer gets assigned a Material
  • a Material is comprised of a Shader and a Texture

as stated in the answer by robertbu, it is not possible to assign different different materials to each face of a cube. More information here and here.

More information on Materials and Textures to get you started :

What sounds like a simple problem can be complex. The built-in cube is created such that each side gets a full copy of the whole texture. Typically giving separate sides of a cube different parts of a texture would be done in a modeling program. In order to understand the how this is done, and the issues, you need to learn about UV coordinates. Here is a link to a script that remaps the UVs for built-in cube so that each side gets a different part of a whole texture. The texture size does not matter…it is the layout that matters:

P.S. You make the image itself in a image editing program like Photoshop.