How do I make a trail fullbright?

I’ve got a trail that is pure yellow, but when I apply it to an object ingame it is a much darker grey/yellow.
I think that something is making the trail dark or there is a lack of light or something.

How would I make the trail display just like its texture?

Hi, @Wingmann

I am assuming you are making a 2D Game?, and its a sprite we’re dealing with here.

A simple way to solve this,

1.Attach the sprite to the selected game object.

2.Go to the inspector panel while having the game object selected.

3.In the Inspector panel, scroll up or down to find the sprite renderer component.

4.In this component you’ll have a color selector, click on it and a small window will pop up.

Now finally you’ll need to turn up your Alpha value to the max (255).
Alpha is denoted by an “A” under the “R” “G” “B” bars.

Try it out and I hope it helps.