How do I make a trivial game?

hey unity comunity!, I’ve been trying to create a trivial videogame for my school, but I couldn’t find any videotutorial and webpages that show me how to do this. I would like to create a Trivia game like this but for computers. If somebody can help me or knows where I can find a video or webpage that could help me in my project i would be very grateful.
thanks for your time.79775-preguntados-aplicacion.jpg

Hi dude!

Actually you write in google that “FPS tutorial” and thats all. But i know some by myself. Here some links:

Space shooter






Actually these are the almost the first hits on google. Unity has tons of tutorials, you jsut need to write it into google and pick up what you need.

I hope that is what you wanted.

Good luck developing!

This might be to some help, a playlist on how to make a quiz game by Brackeys.