How do i make a Video Intro at the start of a game using Java Scripting?

How to i make a video intro that show like some form of presentation like “A Unity Game” then “Powered By Unity” using the free version of Unity?

Create a scene with these text/image done by GUI and use a script like:

var timeWait : float = 10.0; // Time for load the scene
var sceneName : String = ""; // Name of Scene that will be load
private var timeStart : float = 0.0;

function Start(){
	timeStart = Time.time;

function Update (){
	if (Input.anyKeyDown || (timeStart+timeWait)<Time.time)

If you mean that you want an image to show BEFORE the pre-made unity logo that is showing before the game starts, you can’t. But if you want it after that and before the first scene
(scene 0) use this script. Put it on any game object and drag the png file you want in the inspector!

#pragma strict

// FadeInOut

var fadeTexture : Texture2D;
var fadeSpeed = 0.2;
var drawDepth = -1000;

private var alpha = 1.0; 
private var fadeDir = -1;

function OnGUI(){

    alpha += fadeDir * fadeSpeed * Time.deltaTime;  
    alpha = Mathf.Clamp01(alpha);   

    GUI.color.a = alpha;

    GUI.depth = drawDepth;

    GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(0, 0, Screen.width, Screen.height), fadeTexture);