How do I make an empty transform?

How would I go about making and empty “transform” and what is a “transform”? I just started using unity like yesterday so i’m a complete noob.

The Unity Script Reference is going to be your number one friend. Navigate yourself to the link below to get a full understanding from the documentation.

“Every object in a scene has a Transform. It’s used to store and manipulate the position, rotation and scale of the object.”

If you want to make an empty “transform,” what you’re really wanting to do is create an empty GameObject:

“Base class for all entities in Unity scenes.”

To create an empty GameObject ( aka GO for short ), you would:

GameObject => Create Empty

from the top menu.

As for the rest of components inside of Unity, I suggest you search for some basic tutorials in ‘getting started’ with the layout of Unity and how to manipulate and create objects. Basic questions like these can be simply answered if you actually just take the time and research instead of asking them.