How do I make an object appear differently to different players?

I want to implement a form of time travel in my game. There will be select locations that span time, allowing you to converse with players or key npc’s in other time periods, but I want these locations to appear appropriate to the players respective time period.
So, to simplify, is there a way to make a mug appear as carved out of bone to player 1, but ceramic with glowing symbols to player 2?,My game will have a form of time travel between periods. One location will span all time, allowing someone in the past to meet and talk to someone in the present or future, however I want the location to look apropriate for the respective timezone.

So, to simplify the scenario, how would I make player 1 see a carved bone mug where player 2 might see a ceramic mug with painted symbols, or something similar?

Oops, accidently typed the question twice, please overlook this error.

I don’t have my editor available, as I’m building a game out.
So just going to tell you what I think I’m going to do. First I will try putting child objects with sprite renderers that render on different sorting layers, and check if sorting layers for camera can be disabled, or culled.

For each player that is near by, just activate the render object for that game. Suppose 3 players are near, then activate 3 children with the different sprite renders on different sorting layers. Then have the cameras cull out the sorting layers, or disable the sorting layer.

This is all theory. What I’m suggesting might not be possible. I’d like to be updated.